PPP appeals to CJP to take suo motu notice of rape on motorway incident and remove CCPO Lahore

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Friday appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed to take suo motu notice of an incident of rape on the motorway and remove the capital city police officer (CCPO) Lahore.

“We condemned the most horrendous incident on the motorway where a woman was raped in front of her children and demand the strictest punishment for the perpetrators,” said Secretary Information PPP Dr. Nafisa Shah, Deputy Secretary Information Palwasha Khan and PPP parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly Syed Hassan Murtaza while talking to media on Friday.

Dr Shah said the statement of CCPO Umar Shaikh about the incident was highly condemnable and it seemed he was a facilitator of criminals. She demanded that CCPO Lahore should also be brought to book.

“Imran Khan is acting like a viceroy and Usman Buzdar as his agent, while every four to six months the IG Punjab is changed,” she said.

She said Imran Khan issued no statement for the victim and that is why he was called ‘Taliban Khan’.

Dr Shah said the situation in the new Pakistan was such that half of the country was inundated [in flood water], while the other half was unsafe for women and children.

She said federal ministers, special assistants and advisors’ mission seemed to be saving the CCPO, who was blaming the victim instead of protecting her.

That kind of facilitation was also done in the Sahiwal tragedy where the criminals and killers went scot free, Dr Shah said.

Palwasha Khan said there seemed to be a mutiny by the police in Punjab against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘selected government.

“The situation in the country is worst in the last 72 years,” she said.

Ms Khan said the opposition would make a strategy in the APC to send the government packing.

PPP parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly Hasan Murtaza said the PPP had submitted a call attention notice about the incident. He said similar incidents had taken place in Lahore, Gujranwala, Hafizabad and Multan.

He said that it was most despicable that the CCPO Lahore was blaming the victim.

“It is inhuman behavior of the CCPO who seems to be acting as the facilitator of rapists,” he said. He added Imran Khan and the Taliban have the same mindset.

He said that Shahzad Akbar tried to defend the CCPO. Billions of rupees are earned from motorways and are not protecting women.

We must get rid of the current government immediately. Despite being injured, Bilawal Bhutto is meeting the families affected by the floods.

Hassan Murtaza said that Punjab is being run from Bani Gala. The Punjab Chief Minister cannot even answer a journalist’s question. He stated efforts will be made to appoint CCPO Lahore to Punjab IG of within two months. He is guilty of sedition, action must be taken. The PPP can never let go of national criminals.

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