PPP taken unprecedented steps for bringing minorities in mainstream politics: Syed Hassan Murtaza’s message on National Minority Day

LAHORE: Parliamentary Leader Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza has said that the PPP considered the minorities its constituency, an important segment, and an additional asset and had taken unprecedented steps for bringing them in the mainstream politics of the country.
The PPP leader in his message issued here on the eve of the National Minorities Day, which has been celebrated across Pakistan on August 11 every year since 2009, has said the PPP ended separate electorate for the minorities and considered them the most important segment of the country that had rendered valuable services for the country.
He said the PPP would continue to follow the policy of bringing minorities at par in political sense and indeed was following the policy in letter and spirit. He reminded that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s wish to see the prime minister from minorities speaks volume about the level of commitment of the party and its leadership towards minorities.
He added that the PPP government 2008-13 declared August 11 as the Minorities Day which was quite in line with the vision of the founder of the nation who was great proponent of equal rights to all Pakistani regardless of their creed, gender or faith.
He said that the PPP government reserved four Senate seats for the minorities which was a leap forward for mainstreaming them in the country’s politics.
The same PPP government also reserved 5 percent quota in the government services for the minorities that proved as a major step for their upward social mobility. The observance of two religious functions of minorities at the official level was also decided by the PPP government.

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