Along with flour and sugar, I also see CM Punjab disappearing in future, Syed Hassan Murtaza

Lahore: Pakistan Peoples Party parliamentary leader Syed Hassan Murtaza was outraged over severe shortage of flour, sugar and essential commodities. In his video statement, he said that flour and sugar were already missing from the market.
The PPP leader said that the only solution the government has is to increase the prices of whatever is short. At present the situation is that neither flour nor sugar is available in the market.
The Chief Minister and the Food Minister are taking notice of this but there is no effect.
The effect of the Chief Minister’s notice is that the whole nation knows whether the item becomes more expensive or rare.
Along with flour and sugar, I also see the Chief Minister of Punjab disappearing in the future, he predicted.
This problem will not be solved until the well is cleaned.
The well needs to be cleaned. Picking up loot and buckets will not solve the problem.
The problem will not be solved without removing the donkey from the well.

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