Sugar prices continued to rise clearly showing nexus between mafias and PTI Govt, says Senator Murtaza Wahab

KARACHI: Sugar prices have continued to rise clearly showing the nexus between the mafias and PTI Govt, said Senator Murtaza Wahab in a video statement, adding whenever Imran Khan noted with concern any issue, people were thrust further into hardship.

Sindh government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab has reacted to the rise in sugar prices and non-availability, saying that when Imran Khan was in opposition, he had said that he would make them cry. After coming to power, Imran Khan made the people cry. During his two years in power, PTI added to the plight of 22 crore people.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said in his video statement that when Imran Khan took notice, the problems of the people increased. The sleep of the people of Pakistan flew away and tears came out. The sugar crisis was a self-made artificial one. The PTI government gave the mafia a chance to make money by creating a sugar crisis. The PTI government itself is part of the mafia.

The Sindh government spokesman said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself sided with the mafia in the sugar crisis. After the notice of the Prime Minister, the report of the Commission of Inquiry, the price of sugar went up. There are media reports that the price of sugar has gone up to Rs 95 per kg.

He further added that the question to the Prime Minister is why the goods disappear from the market when he takes notice. It is time for the Prime Minister to take notice of his ability to take notice. If this situation continues then the people will have to take notice.

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