Shah Mehmood should remain Shah Mehmood, not try to become Murad Saeed: Syed Hassan Murtaza

LAHORE: Parliamentary Leader Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza while replying to Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Shah Mehmood should remain Shah Mehmood, should not try to become Murad Saeed, adding now you are not young enough to do the work of Murad Saeed.
The PPP leader said in his statement that Qureshi sahib you bow before Modi and show your eyes to your people, today you again proven that you were the product of dictator and are pro-dictatorship, you put Kashmir in the lap of India, and after that false speeches are being made to the nation, he added.
Hassan Murtaza maintained that today you are showing your eyes to the leadership of this party because of which you got a political position, If you don’t care about your honor, keep the illusion of your family’s honor, he noted.
The PPP leader stated that Qureshi Sahib we all now that you are ungrateful and unprincipled but now you have also become foul-mouthed.
Asif Zardari did you a favor, in return, you tried to bite him. In return for Imran Khan’s favor, you now want to snatch his prime ministership, he remarked.
The PPP leader further said that we thought that you would go to the gang of immoral people and civilized them; You have gone beyond them by sitting in immoral dwarfs. It is pity that you are fighting Murad Saeed in immorality. Listen, Qureshi sahib! the voice of Chairman Bilawal Sahib cannot be suppressed, nor you have such stature, You and your Niazi’s time is over , and both would soon go into obscurity, he concluded

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