Mandate of Imran Niazi’s govt is as fake as Ali Zaidi’s JIT report, says Syed Hassan Murtaza

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) parliamentary leader Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza while commenting on ‘Fake’ JIT reports said, that lies on Corona, lies on locusts, lies on the economy and now lies on JIT, the government of lies, government made up of lies and government for lies.
In a statement, the PPP leader said that all the lies of those who came to power by lying day and night are being exposed, adding the mandate of the Imran Niazi government is as fake as Ali Zaidi’s JIT report.
Hassan Murtaza maintained that today, it has been proved again that the government has nothing but lies, slander and foul language. When Ali Zaidi was asked only four questions, his lies were exposed.
Hassan Murtaza said that Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar left the scheduled TV interview and fled. Usman Bazdar and Ali Zaidi are the real face of Imran Khan Government. If you want to see how incompetent and incompetent Imran Khan is, look at Usman Bazdar, he added.
He said that Imran Khan is a liar, cunning and has a long tongue, it can be seen by looking at Ali Zaidi. In this monsoon, the lipstick on the faces of Imrani gang would wash away.
The horrible and false face of the Imrani gang will be further exposed to the public, he noted.

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