Syed Hassan Murtaza responds to Shahbaz Gill

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) parliamentary leader Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza while responding to government spokesperson Shahbaz Gill has said that he who is not ashamed of himself is talking about PPP today.
In a statement, the PPP leader said that Shahbaz Gill was not ashamed of being expelled from the university for harassing a female student. He added shame on him who has dual citizenship and is an unelected spokesman in Pakistan, he should be ashamed himself.
Hassan Murtaza maintained that the spokesman of Aleema Khan’s brother, a woman who looted the nation should be ashamed, he also should be ashamed of being the spokesperson of a leader whose father Ikramullah Niazi was fired for corruption, three nut three Ikramullah Niazi’s son, the spokesman should be ashamed.
He added shame on those whose government was established at the behest of a finger, and that they are not ashamed to talk about the people’s representative parties today.
They are not ashamed, the remnants of the dictatorial and dictatorial forces talk the same insane things for the democratic forces. He said that the people would give them befitting reply and the day is not far when the people would grab them by the collar. You should be ashamed!
Accused of the Baldia incident are sitting side by side and you are pointing fingers at the people, he said, adding that those who are hostile to rocks by sitting in glass houses should also think about their fate.
Hassan Murtaza warns that PPP endured a lot, and it will not tolerate it anymore, PPP fought for people’s rights, made sacrifices and you came at the behest of one finger, if you weaken the democratic forces at the fingertips. If you conspire, you will suffer the consequences.

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