PPP Parliamentary leader Syed Hassan Murtaza’s fiery speech in Punjab Assembly

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly began discussing supplementary budget for the year ending 30 June on Monday amid protest by the opposition against a record increase in petroleum products’ prices.
The debate was opened by Pakistan Peoples Party parliamentary leader Syed Hassan Murtaza regretted that whenever the prime minister took notice of increase of price of any commodity, it led to further hike in the rate and shortage of the product.
While speaking on the floor of the House said that the prices of products like wheat, sugar, petrol went up after the PM took notice.
He referred to statements issued on behalf of PM Imran Khan announcing that he had taken notice of the increase in rates of medicines, sugar, wheat flour, etc., but regrettably each of the statement further deteriorated the situation instead of the solving the problem.
He said the PM had talked of dealing with the mafia strictly but, in fact, he came down to pleading with the same mafias.
He said that earlier all the Punjab budget used to be spent for Lahore and since Usman Buzdar became the chief minister all the funds were being allocated for DG Khan leaving nothing for other districts.

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