Niazi Govt drops ‘petrol bomb’ on public by taking another U-Turn, says Syed Hassan Murtaza

Lahore: Parliamentary leader Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza has said that Niazi has taken another U-turn and increased the prices of petroleum products.

Reacting to the decision to increase the prices of petroleum products, the PPP leader said that right now petroleum prices in the world are the cheapest, and people have run after petrol here, by increasing the prices, the people have been stabbed in the back. The salary has not been increased in the budget and no relief has been given to any worker. If the salary has been increased, then the Prime Minister and the President’s salaries have been increased.

Hassan Murtaza said that Imran Niazi has benefited his financial facilitators, he has banished looters and his financial facilitators from the country, it is not a people’s government, it is selected and has come on a special agenda, the government dropped petrol bombs again, and people standing in long lines on petrol pumps again, he added.

He said that PPP demanded the immediate resignation of Niazi government, he urged national leadership should sit down, deliberate and devise a strategy to send this government home and save the nation.

The time is coming when selectors will be found and no one will be ready to become the Prime Minister, he warned.

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